Bart Thurber Recording

One of the most common questions I get asked during a session is something along the lines of: What's the worst band you've ever recorded? My answer? There isn't one. I've truly enjoyed all the bands I've had in the studio, and I'm a firm believer that every band has at least one great song.

photo taken @ the old House Of Faith Studio in Palo Alto 5/94

187 calm, 30 second fury, 3rd rail, 40% saline solution, 440 sixpack, 78 rpm, 976, a different kitchen, a great divide, a minor forest, a sleeping irony, abandon blue, abhorance, abi yoyo's, abstain, adverse side-FX, aeroneutronic, agate, agents of satan, agrocrag, all you can eat, alta mira, amygdala, anal mucus, angry for life, annoyers, apeface, ardent sons, athrenody, audio fungus, axton-kincaid, baby carrot, backwards mask, backwash, bad coyotes, bad salmon, bad touch, badd influence, bakamono, bellah, benumb, betty's love child, beverley beer bellies, bibles and handgrenades, big meat combo, big rig, bitter iota, black cobra, black market flowers, black plate, black silence, blackstrap, blast, blatant ridicule, bleiachra, blind illusion, blood roses, boarhunter, bombs for whitey, bombs of death, bonesaw, boneshavers, born dead, brain pudding, bridget, brother gumption, bullets in, bullshit excuse, buncha losers, burning embers, butterfly knives, byprodux, cal mex and the riff merchants, calabus, cameltoe, canaan, capitalist casualties, cara de nada, cardinal sin, careerers, catatonic society, chaos lounge, cheapskate, chop off, chrome horse, chumpslap, circle of rain, citizen x, clay wheels, cobretti, collapse, combustible jones, commercial static, comptonsf, cone of silence, control, cookie, corrupted innocence, cottonhead, cottonmouth, count dante, cova, crabapple, crash course, creature, crosley field, crypt keeper, culunn's hounds, cutter, daisy chain, dark karnival, day 9, dead bodies everywhere, deadfall, dear deceased, dear mary, death by dynamite, deathship lollipop, debartolo's, decapitated, deeper, defiance, del rio, demag, desolation, die sister die, diesel queens, dieselhed, different kitchen, diligaf, dirtbox, dirty and the donuts, disgust of us, diversion, dolly dearest, doomsday cafe, down in flames, dragonfly, drippy drawers, drug, duck and cover, durango 95, edge city ruins, el capitan, el quatro verde, electroluxe, elephant man, elkhorn lodge, empty office, enclave, enrique, erase erata, eric morrison and the mysteries, esmeralda's road show, ETO, everything must go, exhumed, exit wound, expert pie, exploding crustaceans, eyesore, fabulous disaster, falling over drunk, fascinating creatures of the deep, fathers and sons, fathermocker, fcgp, feast, feng shui, fiendmaster freak, fifteen, fighter d, fine to drive, fire sermon, fix my head, flak bait, flash bastard, flat tire, floating corpses, flood, flying clouds, forebanger, fuck boyz, funeral shock, fungus, fury 66, g.u.i., gasp, gemini lanterns, ghost at sea, girl band, go like this, go!, gob, goddess paradigm, godstomper, green room, grommotosh, grumsling, guillotine youth, gun and doll show, gunner, haelah, half blast, hands up who likes me, happy hour, hariot, haus plants, haley and the crushers, hba, hell on stilts , hellfire choir, hemi, herbert, here kitty kitty, heyoka, hickey, hit self destruct, hola mosca, honey, human anamoly, hyperkids, idiot bitch, ill content, immortal fate, in disgust, in the wake of the plague, indian summer, indigo zeros, institutional mentality, invicta, invisible enemies, iron lung, it, it is i, j church, jack killed jill, janitors against apartheid, jazwinder, jenny piccolo, jerk, jet lag, jim jones brigade, joe q citizen, jump off a building, kerplunk, kicker, killing floor, killswitch, king city, korrupted peasant farmers, laalup, lacehead, lepish, letters make words, licorice, life without, lifetime problems, lime, liqourball, little thin dimes, loaded, loadstar, local 101, locust, lo-fi legs, lonnett buss, los diablos, los ruidos, loser friendly, lost cause, lost ground, louder than god, love lies bleeding, luxocrush, mad playground, magic bullets, magician's wand, mancougars, martian hot rod, maxiwagon, me first, meat sluts, megaton, melt banana, men are pigs, midnight gamblers, midnite snaxxx, mindslam, mindzone, minimal criminal, misanthropists, mock, mohinder, mol triffid, more beer, mormyid, morning spy, mother earth, mudwimmin, mule, mungus, mute angst envy, naked ape, naked true religon, national draft, neon lobster, nerotrash, neurosis, never never, new idol sun, nimbus, nitwits, no common sense, no less, nocturnal treachery, noi, noise on struggle, non fiction antennae, noothgrush, no room in hell, not from london, nothing cool, nothing substantial, nowhere man, oil fish, old pal, olive ewe, one time angels, orange, original position, osgood slaughter, ottomobile, our turn, outgrabe, outraged, oxbow, p.a.w.n.s., paper messiah, parasites go!, pat the bunny, peligro social, pentacle, peppercorn, pidgeon, pine away, pivot, plainfield, plough man, plume, plutocracy, political silence, pop bottle rockets, porch, pound sign, proudflesh, psycho 78, ptl, radio revolt, radio star, radioactive lunch, ragady anne, ragweed, rare animals, rare form, real sippin' whiskeys, red #9, reliance, remnants, retardo montalban, ribzy, riff raff, ring children, ripp king, riverthings, req’d, rocko, roil, rotten youth, rudiments, sad boy sinister, sam mellon and the skylarks, samiam, sane, sap, saybokgwai, scarecrow, schande, scholastic deth, scourge, screwface, scrub, scurvy dogs, seesaw, senquist experience, serpents of dawn, seyance, seymour, sharkey, sharon tate, sharp knife, sheepsqueeze, shevil knievil, shockbox, short attention span, shortwave rocket, shrine of scars, sick sense, simbotic echo, sinister sisters of satan, sistema brutale, six steps to hell, skin, slam and the mutherfuckers, slam nancy, slide, slip, slobber, slop, slow poisoners, slurr, smile divine, soba, soda, soft, soilent green, somerset, songs for snakes, sonic brain jam, sonsara, sorrowtown choir, sorry ever after, soul cellar, soul device, sourpatch, soylent green, spaceboy, spazz, spidergarage, spishak, spitkiss, spitmuffins, spokesman, stench, stigmata, stockholm syndrome, stone fox, stovepipe, stratus, street whores, strung up, strychnine, stumpy, stun gun, stygian fire, suckdolls, sugarbombs, suicide mourning, super static fever, superbad, superball 63, sun beast, surrender, syndicate, swandive, sweet felony, t & a, tabitha, talky tina, tell river, terato, terror toys, texas thieves, the aborted, the arabs,  the barking spiders, the barfeeders, the bayonets, the bezerkers, the blackouts, the blown, the blue, the business end, the call-up, the cavities, the cinnamon imperials, the cliftons, the co-conspirators, the cocarettes, the cosmos, the crosstops, the curbs, the decibels, the deed, the deficient, the degenerate elite, the dekoiz, the divvy's, the e-types, the end, the end all's, the fish, the fourfits, the frontier wives, the gaia, the galloping seas, the geisha boys, the grannies, the gremmies, the guttersluts, the harkenbacks, the hated s.g., the have nots, the havering, the hay babes, the human condition, the huxtables, the idiots, the invasions, the kindred, the legendary stardust cowboy, the lonely kings, the lost chordz, the lowdowns, the make, the mall rats, the moons, the nines, the odd numbers, the old gold kings, the outta sorts, the ovens, the passengers, the passing lanes, the pathogens, the puds, the pukes, the purves, the radio reelers, the razorburns, the reducers, the resistleros, the roaring 20's, the scramblers, the sermon, the shivering, the shockwaves, the slow breaks, the stops, the stradlers, the strange, the stressers, the suckdolls, the sun, the swinging udders, the torpedoes, the tramps, the treacherous french, the twelve steps, the united, the working stiffs, the yankee south, this is my fist, this time it's war, throat oyster, thunder suite, thunderchimp, tigres and euphrates, tijuana bible, tilt, tim and the anglers, tina age 13, tony gil and the willfull sinners, torcher, total fucked, trainwreck riders, transition, treachary, treacherous french, tregenza, tribe 8, troublemaker, trucial omen, turbo negra, tv evangelists, uk subs, uks, uncle lucifer, urban legends, urban nothing, urizen, us, utter bastard, uzi suicide, vague, verlatin, vincent's ear, vintage 46, violence creeps, virulent death, viscous cycle, voco, voetsek, volunteers, vos , vulgar pidgeon, vulture's buffet, walty, war cry, weeds of crime, what happens next, winebarrel two, whipping boy, whiskey richards, whiskey sunday, whores of war, wick, wifey, willful sinners, windy hill, wingmen, witch hook sky, wolf ticket, woolly mammoth, word salad, worst case scenario, wuzor, x post wave, yah yah littleman, yahweh's mistake, year of the fist, year of the spider, yellow eyes, you die