Bart Thurber Recording

One of the most common questions I get asked during a session is something along the lines of: What's the worst band you've ever recorded? My answer? There isn't one. I've truly enjoyed all the bands I've had in the studio, and I'm a firm believer that every band has at least one great song.


From Folk Duos to the Heaviest Metal, for the past 28 years I've been recording them all.

Our studio has 3 tracking rooms that can easily accommodate any combination of musicians. 

Rates: $300/8 hrs Sundays. $280/8hrs Weekdays.

Price includes everything except tape. House tape is always free to use. New bands ( i.e. I haven’t recorded any of you yet ) get 10% off their first session.


Are you stuck on your mix at home?

Have you lost all perspective after working on it forever?

I've mixed over two thousand songs and I can help you mix yours! 

Rates: $60/ single song - $50/ 2 or more songs.


Sure, you can master your songs yourself, but why not bring them to someone with experience who'll listen to them with a fresh ear ? 

Rates: $120/project.


Get those old DAT's transferred before they fall apart! I can burn them to a CD or send them to you as new wav files.

Rates: $35/DAT.