Bart Thurber Recording

One of the most common questions I get asked during a session is something along the lines of: What's the worst band you've ever recorded? My answer? There isn't one. I've truly enjoyed all the bands I've had in the studio, and I'm a firm believer that every band has at least one great song.

          Studio equipment

Tape Machines: Tascam MS-16 1" 16 track / Otari 5050 1/4”

                         MCI 1/2”           

DAW : Harrison Mixbus 32Cv5

Apogee Rosetta/Apogee Element/Focusrite Pro 40 AD/DA

Mixing Board: Soundtracs Solo 32 Channel


Speakers:  Event 20/20

                  Dynaudio MK 5

                  Realistic Minimus 7

                  Auratone Cube



                            Kick: Sennheiser 421/602e/EV RE20/Shure KSM 32

                            Snare: Beyer 201/Shure Beta 58/EV ND408/AKG D19

                            Toms: Sennheiser 421/441/504e/Shure KSM 27

                            OH: Oktava MC012/Audio-Technica 4081

                            Room: Oktava MC 219/Shure KSM 44/AKG 414

                  Bass Guitar:

                            EV Re20/Sennheiser 421/Beyer TGX 50

                            Manley Tube DI/Millenia TD-1 DI


                            Electric: EV RE20/Sennheiser 421/441/Shure KSM 27/Royer 121/122 

                           Coles 4038

                            Acoustic: Shure KSM 137/Neumann KM140

                    Vocals: AKG 414/Neumann TLM 103/Shure KSM 44/Manley Reference/

                                 Audio-Technica 4080/Altec Birdcage

Preamps:  UA 2-610

                  Manley langevin DVC

                  Focusrite Red 6

                  Drawmer 1960

                   Grace 101

                   Daking 90

                   Millennia TD-1

                   2 Ampex 350

Compressors:  Urei LA 4/LA 3

                         Allison Research Gain Brain

                         DBX 166A/163

                         Focusrite Compounder

                         ADL 100

                         Summit Audio TLA 50

                         Manley Variable MU

                         Drawmer 231

Studio Extras:   Baby Grand Piano

 Hammond M3 with Leslie

                         1968 Fender  P- Bass Guitar